Software und Downloads A. Philipp

Please note that the following software is mostly experimental code and that there is no warranty for regular maintenance. All code is developed for Linux only.

flightstat - 3D data visualisation and editor for unmanned arial vehicles (UAV) sensor log files recorded with PPRZ (executable only)

cost733class-1.2 classification software for production, visualisation and evaluation of weather and circulation type classifications (version 1.2) with netcdf-3 and extended OpenGL support

cost733cat 2.0 - a database of weather and circulation type classification catalogs.

cost733plot - interactive classification plots

ccm-1.0: OpenGL based simulation software for energy balance, Lorenz and mathematical models (alpha version)

metrasgl-0.1: OpenGL based post processor software for Metras-PCL-4 (beta version)

IGE - igua globe editor - A graphical editor for global raster data in service format. It is especially used for creating scenario forcing files for the earth system model of intermediate complexity PLASIM (beta version)

igua0debm - a cgi based interactive zero-dimensional energy balance model of the earth

igua2debm - a cell based two-dimensional energy balance model with OpenGL interface (beta version)

lgualorenz - the Lorenz model visualizing the strange attractor and deterministic chaotic behaviour

fastintrans - interaktive Darstellung eines fastintransitiven Systems

EMSLP - Sea Level Pressure data 1850-2003 reconstructed within the Emulate project by Tara Ansell et al.

iguamws - driver for the microcontroller weather station Reinhard MWS9-5