The members of the working group are engaged in teaching different aspects of:

  • Physical Geography
  • Hydrology
  • Soil Science
  • Biogeochemistry

Teaching covers introductory and specialized lectures, seminars as well as lab and field courses in Bachelor Geographie and in the Masters Geographie and Master Klima- und Umweltwissenschaften.
For more details regarding teaching see announcements in digicampus.

Open topics for Bachelor & Master Theses:
In the context of the BMBF project "Microplastic in fresh water systems (MicBin)", students interested in writing their Bachelor or Master Thesis (in German or English) within the topic of microplastic in agriculture soils - input, fate, and output - are being searched.

Key issues could be:

1. Independently carried out experiments on the vertical movement of microplastic in a soil profile caused by bioturbation and percolation.
2. Analyzes of microplastic entry into agricultural soils:
a) Remote Sensing aquisition of the spreading use of plastic films on agriculture areas.
b) Microplastic in compost and biodegradable Plastics (literature review).
c) GIS-based analyzes of sewage sludge application on agricultural soils in Bavaria.
d) GIS-based analyses of the spread of tire wear.
3. The use of erosion models for microplastic contaminated areas to estimate the microplastic input into waters (modeling).