Prof. Dr. Sebastian Doetterl


Emmy-Noether Group Leader

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Sebastian Doetterl is a Professor for Soil Resources (ETH Zürich) with cross-affiliation to Water and Soil Resource Research Group at University of Augsburg. He holds a PhD in Geosciences (2013, University of Louvain) and a Diploma in Physical Geography with focus on Soil Science and Plant Ecology (2008, University of Regensburg).

His research is oriented towards geo-ecosystem research at different spatial and temporal scales, with a focus on CNP dynamics and the effects of anthropogenic disturbances on soil processes. He is particularly interested in helping to bridge the gap between process understanding of terrestrial carbon cycling in dynamic landscapes derived from experimental data to model development and spatial representation. His present work aims at identifying the pathways of carbon from plants and microorganisms into specific carbon fractions in soils with differing mineralogy, climate and pedogenic history.

SD_tagcloud_8cmSebastian is Associate Editor for the European Journal of Soil Science. He was honored with the Wiley and Blackwell Award 2012 for the best paper published in one of their journals. He is an active reviewer for several high-impact journals of his field (Nature Education; Global Change Biology; Soil Biology and Biochemistry…). His research is involved in several international science networks (SOGLO, RAISIN) with ongoing projects in Brazil, Chile, DR Congo, India and the United States.

Check out the news (En, De) on our latest paper in Nature Geoscience on the interplay of climate and geochemistry for carbon storage in soils. See here for the original paper and a comment by E. A. Davidson.

Since 2017 Sebastian is group leader of the DFG funded Emmy Noether Research Group TropSOC.

Isotope Bioscience Laboratory - ISOFYS

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Collaborations and references


Teaching activities, 2016-2018

Master level
- Soil-climate interactions
- Kohlenstoffdynamik und Bodenentwicklung

- Physische Geographie I
- Physische Geographie II
- Bodenkundliches Laborpraktikum
- Bodenkundliches Geländeseminar
- Angewandte Bodenkunde
- Spezielle Methoden der physischen Geographie

Student Supervisions

Mariam Sanktjohanser (Bachelor): Vergleichende Untersuchungen zum Kohlenstoffhaushalt hochalpiner Böden auf unterschiedlichen Ausgangssubstraten.

Anna Stegmann (Bachelor): Topographische Analyse von Bodenaggregaten und deren CN Isotopie mit Hilfe räumlicher Statistik in ArcGIS.

David Haaf (Master): Global distribution patterns of temperature sensitivity of soil organic carbon in dependent of soil and climate parameters.

Maximilian Valentin Stöhr (Master): Empirical soil respiration models with topsoil data from Chile - the combination of time-based patterns, biotic processes and predefined soil parameters.