Running projects:

    WASCAL: West African Science Service Centre on Climate and Adapted Land Use - Implementationphase

    FOR2131_ph2: Geostatistical Analysis and Copula-Based Data Merging Algorithms for a Stochastic Quantification of Precipitation Fields

    BIAS2: Synthesis of high-resolution regionalisation, multi-variate stochastic Bias-correction and optimized hydrological model and process analysis for the Nationalpark Berchtesgaden

    AtmoWater: High-Resolution Atmospheric Water Vapor Fields by Spaceborne Geodetic Sensing, Tomographic Fusion, and Atmospheric Modeling (at IMK-IfU)

    Previous projects:

    SYNOPSE: Synthetic precipitation time series for the optimal design and operation of urban drainage systems

    Local refinement and bias correction of climate projections (StMUG Bavaria)
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