Dipl.-Ing. Florian Marshall


Ph.D. Student

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Room: 1023
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Research fields:

Numerical simulations in the field of hydrology, groundwater-flow and transport-processes.

A newly developed, stand-alone model is introduced. Its concept is designed especially to meet the specific requirements. It is a physically based, spacially distributed, hydrological model with fully coupled water and energy balance and calculation of transport and fractionation of stable water isotopes.


The diploma thesis was on the topic "Numeric solution of Philip's Redistribution Problem including inter-facial areas". A numerical simulation was performed for a multiphase-flow in a porous medium. Within the classical approach only the phase-saturation within a pore is regarded, but not the distribution of the phases. To overcome this shortcoming, an additional, partial differential equation was introduced, in which the specific inter-facial area was balanced, because it is one of the governing quantities for the exchange of mass and energy between the phases.