Dr.-Ing. Jan Bliefernicht


scientific assistant

Tel.: +49 (0)821 598 - 5518
Room: 2023
Office hours: please ask

Research fields:

Meteorology and Climatology: Weather Prediction and Climate Modeling
  • Operational weather forecast by statistical and dynamical methods
  • Regional climate modeling by numerical and statistical methods
  • Verification of weather and climate predictions
  • Decision making, risk and uncertainty communication
Hydrology: Precipitation Measurement and Flood Forecast
  • Measurement of point precipitation by different types of rain gauges
  • Geostatistic: Interpolation and stochastic simulation of hydro-meteorological variables
  • Rainfall-runoff simulations by distributed hydrological models
  • Operational rainfall and discharge forecast by statistical and dynamical methods

Current Projects:

WASCAL: Preparation for the Establishment of a Centre of Competence for Climate Change and Adapted Land Use in West Africa (BMBF & Universität Bonn)
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