Chair of Physical Geography and Climate Science

Welcome to the Chair of Physical Geography
and Climate Science at the University of Augsburg

Alter Postweg 118
86135 Augsburg
Tel.: +49 (0)821 598 26 70
Fax: +49 (0)821 598 22 64

  • Research activities are mainly focussed on three different areas: Climate Research, Landscape Research, and Biogeography. In particular Climate Research with main emphasis on Climate Dynamics and Climate Change has an outstanding importance being reflected in a well-established Climate Research Group. For all of the research areas there is a strong association to the Environment Science Center at the University of Augsburg. Within the Faculty of Applied Computer Sciences there are connections to the Center of Competence for Innovating Technologies (research area Organic Computing). Furthermore, the Chair of Physical Geography has a share in the Augsburg Linux Compute Cluster put up at the Department of Physics.
  • Regional focus, beyond Central Europe, is put on the North-Atlantic-European area, the Mediterranean region, southern Africa, and South America.
  • Within the framework of the Environmental Research Station Schneefernerhaus (UFS) integrated environmental research in the Zugspitz area constitutes a further important research topic.
  • More information at particular sites for staff members and research projects.

  • Basic lectures, seminars and exercise courses are covering all major disciplines of Physical Geography: Climatology, Hydrology, Geomorphology, Soil Geography, Biogeography, and Landscape Ecology.
  • Advanced modules are focussing on Climatology, Landscape Research, and Biogeography.
  • With respect to practical methods, main emphasis is put on Quantitative Methods/Geostatistics, computer-based data analyses and modelling, biogeographical reconstructions and laboratory analyses of soils and sediments.
  • Beyond the geographical study programs at the University of Augsburg, the Chair of Physical Geography and Quantitative Methods is also involved in the Master Elite Study Program “Global Change Ecology” (GCE) within the Elite Network of Bavaria. GCE is mainly located at the University of Bayreuth (coordinating institution), the Chair in Augsburg contributes by particular courses in Climatology and Advanced Geostatistics.
  • The chair is furthermore partner of the Helmholtz Research School on Mechanisms and Interactions of Climate Change in Mountain Regions (MICMoR).