Urban Planners with Renewable Energy Skills (UP-RES)

Start date: 01.09.2010
End date: 28.02.2013
Duration: 30 months
Funded by: EU (Europäische Union)
Local project leader: Dr. Stephan Bosch Prof. Dr. Gerd Peyke
Local scientists: Dipl.-Geogr. Thomas David
External scientists / cooperations: Dipl.-Geogr. Birgit Brandhuber


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The UP-RES (Urban Planners with Renewable Energy Skills) project's main focus was on organizing training for urban and regional planners. Our main target group were European planning professionals working in national, regional and municipal authorities but also in private consultation companies. In addition to the trainings, the partners collected information of 30 best practice cases in which renewable energy solutions had been integrated with urban planning. In addition to these best practices, we also modified some existing tools for urban planners and analysed planning guidelines.




Urban Planners with Renewable Energy Skills



Aalto University (FI) (coordinator)

Munich University of Technology, TUM (DE) (replacing Max Planck Institut für Plasma Physik, MPG (DE))

Association of Architecture and Sustainability in Catalonia, SaAS (ES)

Building Research Establishment Ltd., BRE (UK)

University of Debrecen, UD (HU)

University of Augsburg, UA (DE)

German Heat & Power Association: Project Company for rationalization, information and standardization, AGFW (DE)