Water Engineering and Water Power, Drinking Water and Fountain Art in Augsburg

Start date: 01.04.2015
Funded by: Universität Augsburg
Local project leader: Prof. Dr. Karin Thieme
Local scientists: Dipl.-Geogr. Serge Middendorf


The City of Augsburg is currently running a candidature for the UNESCO Cultural World Heritage with the project “Water Engineering and Water Power, Drinking Water and Fountain Art”.


The water topic plays an important role in Augsburg since its foundation until today. To name but a few:

  • Augsburg was founded by Romans on the fork of the Wertach and Lech rivers,
  • renowned Augsburg handcrafts were established on water power,
  • many buildings in the historic city are related to water,
  • the main north-south axis of the historic city is articulated by huge fountains, their figures are mainly sculptured by Adrian de Vries, one of Europe’s most renowned Renaissance sculptors,
  • the natural water system built the backbone for the early industrialization in Augsburg,
  • the so-called Lech canals are structuring landmarks of the historic city.

The chair of human geography plays a supporting role for the UNESCO candidature, based on several project study courses for MSc.-students, which mainly resulted in the following topics:


  1. The composition of an interactive map about ‘water in Augsburg’ (a GIS based combination of spatial and regionally specialized information data): http:\\
  2. A geo caching project mainly produced for tourists and school kids as an interactive help to create knowledge about Augsburg’s water by walking along firmly installed routes on the topic.
  3. The development of a proto type application for cell phones with Android smart technology (a joined project of the Chair of Human Geography and the Chair of Human Centered Multimedia of the University of Augsburg), in which a frog character is guiding the user on a ‘water route’ through valuable information on the topic based on augmented reality.
  4. Elaboration of thematic internet routes about water in Augsburg combined with the stops of public transport within the city. The routes have different lengths as well as they are barrier free for handicapped people.App-Frog
  5. GIS supported tourist information.
  6. Presentation of the project on the internet (site under construction).