Religion and Cultural Landscapes

Cultural Geography counts among those segments in human geography which have experienced a profound transition over the past decades. This led to a new understanding of culture and spatiality as well as an enrichment of scientific topics. Traditional cultural geography puts an emphasis on landscape and its forming processes by people. But there are definite linkages to new cultural geography as well, such as for example the understanding of different - post secular - types of Christian faith and religion as conducted by Forschungsgruppe 3. Basic research as well as project based applied analysis are main fields of activities. A different research project concentrates on the water topic related to the City of Augsburg and its candidature for the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage. Based on an applied geographical study, the research group refers on an interdisciplinary network within the University of Augsburg, especially in cooperation with the Faculty of Applied Informatics and partners in administration and tourism management to help making the candidature a success.