Autarky: Ressoure theory or global theory? (working title)

Start date: 01.01.2016
Funded by: University of Augsburg
Local project leader: Dipl.-Geogr. Serge Middendorf


The research deals with Autarky in a geographic-philosophical approach. In a first step the term Autarky, nowadays more commonly used in a negative or seemingly arbitrary context, will be critically analyzed. In a second step a new understanding of the term will be presented as a radical alternative draft to the expansive logics of growth and globalization; thus opening new perspectives on (political) power structures emerging if autarky is being suppressed or lost. In doing so, Autarky is conceived and understood as a processual, multi-facetted and goal-oriented concept.
The project aims at contributing a new point of view and access to questions of resource strategies in a narrow sense and human-environment-relationships in the broader sense as well as contributing to a critical political ecology.