Dr. Michael Warscher


Wiss. Mitarbeiter

Tel.: +49 8821 183 247 z.Zt. am KIT Campus Alpin

Research fields:
  • Hydrological modelling and regional water balance in complex terrain
  • Climate change impact on terrestrial hydrology
  • Distributed snow modelling in alpine catchments
  • Model development: cryospheric processes in mountain regions
  • Snow observation systems, isotope hydrology
  • Dynamical downscaling: regional atmospheric simulations with focus on decadal predictions

Current projects:

  • BIAS II: IPCC-AR5 Klimaszenarien (RCPs) zur hydrologischen Klimaimpaktanalyse: Synthese hochaufgelöster Regionalisierung, multivariater stochastischer Biaskorrektur und optimierter hydrologischer Modell- und Prozessanalyse am Beispiel Nationalpark Berchtesgaden (funded by StMUV)

Finished projects:
  • DEPARTURE: Decadal Prediction of African Rainfall and Atlantic Hurricane Activity, part of MiKlip: Mittelfristige Klimaprognosen (funded by BMBF)
  • WaterNPB / SnowNPB: Berchtesgaden National Park: Snow Cover Dynamics and Water Balance (funded by Nationalparkverwaltung Berchtesgaden)

List of publications